Quantum Reflex Analysis - Functions of the Healthiest Ways Of QRA

Nothing in the world compares to the analytical value of Q-R-A.
if you do not train with the most accomplished humans of all time,
how do you pretend to know more than those who do and live more?
Listen to and learn from the indisputable master secrets of the universe.

Every injury or trauma, whether it's chemical, mechanical, electrical, leaves behind metabolites in the repair process.
These metabolites are toxic, because they mechanically interfere with the energy flow of organs, glands, and/or tissues.
Such interference fields have an notably larger influence on how long and how well you live than even nutrition tends to.
Since you do not feel or experience them before they become clinical symptoms, you are unaware of these interference fields.
Everything is subclinical until it is clinical. Decades can pass by before the relentless interence of these toxins become clinical.
Nothing you have ever studied in your life is as effective, as rapid, and even as dramatic as doing cation exchange mudpacks.
The Healthiest Ways Of QRA asseverates the certainty of Quantum Reflex Analysis being the medicine of the 21st century.
In short, those who do it the best know the best. We prove this when we see that they show it the best, and repeatedly!
Nothing your M.D. knows, no billion-dollar device, nothing on the planet can chelate toxins from your body like mud.
Granted, not just any mud. Proper mudpacks require appropriate mud, and appropriate natural substance to mix in.
Every time you sustain trauma of any type, even an air-bag deployment, you do damage to your electrical biofield.
Pay attention, now. There is more electricity flowing through your body now, to power the systems within your body,
than you can measure flowing through the nearest city to where you live, even if you live near the biggest in the world.
Your entire body is a plasma field of electrical energy. It weakens every time you walk through a door that opens automatically.
How do you think the door works? It shoots a beam of radiation into your body, which irradiates your organs, glands, and tissues, ey?
You do not need to accept the asseverations of the Healthiest Ways Of QRA, or of Dr. Bob Marshall, the genius who brings us plain language.
Learn to do B-DORT, and how Dr. Omura actually patented this one-second test that you get to use for the rest of your life, on everything near you.
Then, learn about quantum reflex analysis. Study the indisputably brilliant, ongoing work of Dr. Marshall and Dr. Linda Forbes, alleged to be even smarter!
For as long as you live, you get to use the magical, powerful, safe, natural, and maybe best of all, high-speed resolutions to your health challenges, cheaply!
Quantum Reflex Analysis (Q-R-A) qualifies for the Healthiest Ways Of QRA, where only the best shortcuts and secrets are promulgated for our longevity.
At the base of all wisdom: The more we learn, the better our decisions tend to be. Learning quantum reflex analysis is among your wisest decisions.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Shortcuts, "Q's" and Quantum Reflex Analysis

Q-R-A.com     QRA.me       Q.R.A..info      

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Some Q-R-A and Quantum Reflex Analysis Hotlinks

qci.me - You might as well know - QCI is the "catch" to successful Q-R-A testing

QRA.me - When You Say "Q-R-A me," your loved ones will know, and do Q-R-A with you.

QRA.name - Because QRA is the name of the 21st century medicine most likely to be globally embraced

Quantum-Reflex-Analysis.com Title Says It - Quantum Reflex Analysis Is Based On A One-Second Bidigital Test - LOVE it!

QuantumReflexAnalysis.com - "Official" Quantum Reflex Analysis Website From The Healthiest Ways Of QRA - Help Yourself To Q-R-A

Quantum-Reflex-Analysis.info - More Info On How Quantum Reflex Analysis Helps You to Help Yourself With Simple And Useful Q-R-A Tips

QuantumReflexAnalysis.info - The Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A Is Pluperfectly Certain That Quantum Reflex Analysis Will Knock Your Socks Off

QRA Appointments Available In Person, By Phone, or Photo
QRA Appointments offered nationwide - Call 1-888-6004-888
Special online combination when you call to ask for your appointment:
First Bodyscan and QRA consult, with customized protocol, $233
Your initial app't includes free lifetime gift of the $89 QVial supercharged minerals
One second holding QVial atop your head (GV20) measurably strengthens brain points.
QVial contents are the world's first provably supercharged minerals.   Get the "wow" effect.
Contents of the QVial are expected to last forever, and can never be irradiated or magnetized.
Qvials are among the true hypergenius Psychology of Longevity innovations & inventions
To take advantage of this offer, please say "Internet!" when booking your appointment.

QRA Expert David Cohen
"Help yourself... to heal yourself."

NOTE: Q-R-A does not treat, heal, or cure any diseases. Q-R-A has no need to consider symptoms.
Quantum reflex analysis, especially when combined with Bodyscan or SpectraVision, seeks the causes.
What organ or gland is weakest, and why?   Quantum reflex analysis yields instant and provable answers.

For example, if one of your organs, such as pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc., is weak,
you do not have to tell the Q-R-A practitioner. In merely seconds, they will tell YOU.
Considering the number of medical doctors who are embracing Q-R-A, take a look.

The Healthiest Ways Of QRA is, fundamentally, healthy display of how the healthiest oldest people get that way.
Nothing, but nothing ever encountered by any of us comes close to the staggering Quantum Reflex Analysis.
"Nothing" is a large and powerful phrase, not one to be abused, or even used without great support.
There is every reason to believe that there is no limit to the description or its admitted extreme.
Brainy professor or intern, surgeon, singer, student or excelsior, you are going to be stunned.
Nothing you have ever encountered in your life is more exciting, with respect to your health.

Quantum Reflex Analysis, so easy that just about ninety-nine percent of us can learn Q-R-A.
Better yet, you get to use this one-second test on your food, your body, clothes, and more,
for as long as you live, as long as you have someone to actually do the Q-R-A with, AND,
if you want to hit or approach the one hundred percent accuracy rate with Quantum Reflex Analysis,
you must also be strong in each of the brain points on top of your head, which you can also test and remediate.
Learn more about Quantum Reflex Analysis in as little time or as much time as you choose to absorb into your life,
because the Healthiest Ways Of QRA is certain it will profoundly influence how long and how well you are likely to live.

It is hard to disprove an asseveration that David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, is the best quantum reflex analysis practitioner alive.
Proved to be accurate thousands and thousands of times in a row, Dr. Cohen prefers that you learn to do Q-R-A testing yourself!

Learn more, that you might live more. You can't learn less about anything, right?
EMF Pollution proven with a one-second test: Instant proof of dirty & clean energy
Prepare to be a bit gobsmacked when you participate in a QRA test, or do your own.
Grab hold of a friend or associate or loved one who has at least a few working fingers,
and teach yourself (and each other) the simplicity of assessing energy levels/pollution.

Have You Ever Measured YOUR Electrical Pollution?
It's fast and simple. Fast test, and fast fix, with Torroids - lowest-cost emf production devices in the world!
More powerful than $40 and $80 emf remediation devices sold elsewhere. Learn, learn, learn!

EMF is the single worst, most persistently (and perniciously) damaging form of pollution that we're regularly exposed to.

The EMF (aka 'emf') radiation pouring out of our cellphones and SmartMeters, fuseboxes and refrigerators, computers and battery-operated devices of every stripe.

1st, learn the one-second energy test that works every time, at www.QRA.me or many other QRA websites.

Quantum reflex analysis is not to be confused with kinesiology, which is the seed of what quantum reflex analysis is becoming.
Where kinesiology is muscle testing, often useful, but inconsistent, Quantum Reflex Analysis is electro-magnetic resistance testing.
Q-R-A is provably more accurate. Better yet, this is not a test that you wait a week or three to hear some form of nebulous results.
You immediately test your organs, tissues, your skin, your clothes, food, bedclothes, pets, houses, devices, and so much more.
You rapidly determine the liquids that most effectively engage YOUR maximum cation exchange, taking toxins out of you.
The brilliance of Dr. Bob Marshall and Dr. Linda Forbes, in elevating Omura's Bidigital O-ring test is surely incalculable.
The genius of naturopath David Cohen in marrying this oldest technology in the world with the newest technologies,
are the richest mixture of benefits for countless future lives, because quantum reflex analysis is easily learned.
As long as you have a QCI or QVial near, each test will yield complete, total accuracy, just about always.
If there has ever been exception, the Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A has no knowledge of one in thousands.
In effect, the Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A is promising that QRA will be one of your great moments.
The first time you witness or experience QRA, performed, by a well-trained QRA practitioner,
you will remember the shock and surprise that QRA engenders, for as long as you shall live.
Geniuses, professors, & surgeons, all are stunned into silence or laughter at the accuracy.
Nothing medical you have ever encountered in your life can come within stone's throw.
Q-R-A is the game-changer of game-changers, it was literally centuries in the making.

Sweeter still, you do not have to wait, or even consult any of the great Q-R-A practitioners.
Obviously, there is wisdom in consulting any trained Q-R-A practitioner, because they know.
Every well-trained Q-R-A practitioner knows precisely how to identify strong and weak spots.
When combined with a Bodyscan practitioner who knows how to read a test accurately,
proves to be one of the rare treats, the true cerebral surprise, Professor, of a lifetime.
Imagine walking into any health professional's office, and not saying a word.
They have thirty minutes to identify your weakest organs, glands, tissue.
There is just no way that conventional medicine can answer this safely.
Never less than ninety-nine or more times of every hundred, it's right.
Can you imagine such an accuracy with any of the invasive devices of allopathy?
Your body does not and cannot lie, and it is profitable to you to suspend your opinions.
Anyone and everyone trying to dissuade you has an overt or covert reason of selfishness.
Whether it is to draw attention to themselves or, in the case of most, to make themselves cash,
is attempting to deceive you for personal gain or else has no experience with Q-R-A plus Bodyscan.

People from a dozen and more levels of life have come for quantum reflex analysis and been astounded.
Let the word go out, let the whole world know these quantum reflex analysis secrets "they" don't want you to know.
"They" is Pharma and the corrupt majority of M.D.'s, who prove it by charging thousands of dollars for your kid's.... etc.

The excuses of having to repay medical school loans has no connection to purchasing luxuries from pain and suffering.
Even worse is that the vast majority of victims of medical dollar greed are the people who can least afford such binges.
Too many bankruptcies from medical bills alone. Learning quantum reflex analysis is a powerful defense in your pocket.

Trained Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioners Can Have A Huge Impact

Never in modern history has so much been accomplished by so few, in the the field of health.
Again, it is not REQUISITE that you become a trained QRA practitioner with your own practice.
Attending even one QRA seminar will provide you with sufficient training to use QRA yourself.
Best of all, once you ARE trained in QRA, you can use QRA techniques for the rest of your life.
All food, every beverage, clothing, homes, offices, EVERYTHING can be tested with QRA methods,
although some people insist on identifying the whole process "BDORT," because of Dr. Omura's work.

Even as we credit Dr. Omura with patenting what he first learned circa 1980 from another gentleman,
the advances developed by Dr. Omura can be counted as a foundation of Quantum Reflex Analysis methods.
Dr. Bob Marshall's work, along with that of Dr. Linda Forbes, added to the impressive innovations of David Cohen,
all combine to help all of humanity, in that we can each become trained QRA practitioners ... ... even if only self-taught.

Quantum reflex analysis and doctors, quantum reflex analysis and doctors, now there's a subject really worth addressing.
As more Q-R-A practitioners teach people to do their own bidigital o-ring tests, more doctors are sure to become Q-R-A doctors.

Go to Q-R-A seminars, especially advanced Q-R-A II and Q-R-A III seminars conducted around the nation,
mostly in what scientists call a unified field down in Texas, almost in the perfect center of the nation,
and you will see medical doctors studying quantum reflex analysis alongside of dentists, naturopaths, etc.
The range of Q-R-A practitioners that includes medical doctors is impressive, since Q-R-A can be anti-drug.
Medical doctors can instantly test a patient to see precisely what dosage of drugs is necessary, which is good.
However, what many medical doctors will not like, because they will erroneously think it means less cash for them,
is that there are so many natural substances that are infinitely, even exponentially better for you than pharmaceuticals.
When a quantum reflex analysis practitioner in California or a Q-R-A practitioner in New York or Georgia or anywhere,
suggests that you use a thirty dollar bottle of natural chlorella or allicium or whatever, which is safe, natural, healthy...

are you going to say,
"Heck no, give me pharmaceuticals which are pharmaceutical only because they are too dangerous for OTC?"

The Healthiest Ways Of QRA does not think so. Quantum Reflex Analysis is about the safest way to fix what we break.

Learn more to increase and often multiply the quality and quantity of your longevity, by learning how to do Q-R-A

Dr. Cohen is quite likely the most efficient, rapid, and, without exception several thousand times in a row,
the most accurate, and certainly the fastest Q-R-A practitioner anywhere in a world of Q-R-A practitioners.

Instant proof, generally within minutes of walking into the office. Instant proof speaks louder than words, true?

Dr. Cohen prefers that you learn how to do your own bidigital o-ring testing, always thankful that Dr. Omura planted seeds with BDORT,
and that you study the works of Dr. Bob Marshall and Dr. Linda Forbes, our modern-day Eve and Marie Curie, innovators extraordinaire.

If your health challenges are serious, and conventional medicine does not seem to be helping,
you have, by your presence on this line of the page, earned five free telephone minutes with a most amazing man.
so, with questions ready, feel free to call Dr. David Cohen, ND, PhD, MH, CNC, for his suggested protocols and ideas.

To find a Q-R-A practictioner near you, we suggest you call Dr. Marshall in Texas, at 1- 800 - 370 - 3447
For an appointment with Dr. Cohen in his NY offices, 1 - 888 - 6004 - 888

"Help yourself... to heal yourself."

NOTE: Q-R-A does not treat, heal, or cure any diseases. Q-R-A has no need to consider symptoms.
Quantum reflex analysis, especially when combined with Bodyscan or SpectraVision, seeks the causes.
What organ or gland is weakest, and why?   Quantum reflex analysis yields instant and provable answers.

For example, if one of your organs, such as pancreas, liver, kidneys, etc., is weak,
you do not have to tell the Q-R-A practitioner. In just a few minutes, they will tell YOU.
Considering the number of medical doctors who are embracing Q-R-A, take a look.

If you wish to learn more about Q-R-A, and how quantum reflex analysis works perfectly for you, too, call.
Make an appointment for a Bodyscan, Dr. Cohen is happy to teach YOU quantum reflex analysis.
One of the three or four greatest features of quantum reflex analysis is that you learn it for life.
That's right: learn once, and use it thousands and thousands of times to help you and yours.
Learn the power of Q-R-A so that "Quantum Reflex Analysis" is more than just a phrase.

This is the medicine of the 21st century: Quantum Reflex Analysis - the most accurate of all!

The Healthiest Ways Of QRA, aiming to be YOUR Q-R-A - Quantum Reflex Analysis Capital.
Texas to Texarkana, San Fransisco to New York, Alaska to Alabama, quantum reflex analysis works everywhere.
You can find some of the best Q-R-A practitioners in Denver, great Q-R-A practitioners are spreading most everywhere.
By the way, the best Q-R-A practitioners are those who happily teach others how to do B-DORT and quantum reflex analysis.

Learn more so you can live more, including and beyond quantum reflex analysis techniques and nutrition.

                     *     MedThoughts For YOU   *

Because this is all about YOU, YOU, YOU, the Healthiest Ways Of QRA reminds you whence this information comes to you.
The Healthiest Ways Of QRA embraces Ronald Reagan's affirmative, funny, dichotomous admonishment to "Trust, but verify."
Everything in the Winning Zen of Masters and Healthiest Ways Of QRA is coming to you from those who repeatedly do it best.

Nothing you ever encounter will get rid of a thousand health challenges faster or more effectively than mud.
This is because the mud is rapidly removing the metabolites, the leftovers, of your various healing times.
When those toxic metabolites are not cleaned out, they mechanically interfere with your energy flow.
When you wrinkle aluminum foil, you have little observable chance of every getting it smooth again.
Since the human electrical field cannot be remelted like aluminium, you need to clear toxins out.
Doing too many mudpacks too fast is certain to cause you to get sick as toxins try to flood out.
That's why a hot foot bath, with any of a dozen great materials to help chelate, is everything.
Your hands and feet are where toxins love to come out of the body. This is knowledge to use.
What you know means so little in the face of what you DO with what you know. Stand up for yourself.
Invest the tiny number of minutes and seconds to learn more about the most effective ways to heal yourself.
If you depend on a doctor to heal you, you're an idiot, and you deserve what that person is going to charge you.
The price is not "maybe," the price is certain to include poorer results, up to 16 injured, sickened or killed.   Whew!

That's "up to sixteen patients are killed, injured, sickened, or exacerbated for every one that benefits from the services of an M.D."

Never accept information from a single source outside yourself. The more you learn, the better your decisions tend to be.
You learn three or four new facts per day. In one month, you know more than your M.D. does about your narrow interest.
Diabetes or exercise, cancer or nutrition, name any subject and your M.D. cannot state, out loud, one hundred useful facts.
You, however, in the next 100 days, will develop literal expertise learning just three or four new facts per day, narrowly focused.

Healthiest Ways Of QRA MedThoughts First Thought

The Healthiest Ways Of QRA suggests you begin by learning these few things as suggested:

1) Dr. Omura - B-DORT -- Bidigital O-ring Test

2) Dr. Bob Marshall - Q-R-A - Quantum Reflex Analysis

3) Mud packs - natural chelation


Vastu and QRA Go Together Hand In Hand
When you remediate your vastu, the results are, as a rule, staggering
Scientifically, there is little you might do in life as influential on your prosperity
Vastu, and the remediation of vastu, represent the single oldest formal science in history

When considering that Q-R-A has such defined roots in vastu, and since vastu is the oldest formal science of any mankind has developed,
it would seem fair, appropriate, and edifying to present you with some basics about vastu, and developing better vastu for your home or office.
If the subject of vastu remediation particularly appeals to you, you can learn vastu, or you can consult with a world-class master of vastu remediation.

Vastu.cc - That is the vastu site that shares with you the power of vastu.
Similar to trying train a swimmer who has never even been in a bathtub,
vastu is best learned best in the waters of vastu. So, Vastu.cc jumps right in,
letting you prove to yourself the power of vastu. It is an attention-getting site.
Look for the secret vastu test right there in plain site (sight). Astound yourself.

Vastu.ws - Like every great work, vastu presentation skills grow in time.
VastuRepair.info - because wise is the man or woman who repairs their vastu
VastuRemediation.info - Approximately everyone is capable of vastu remediation
Vastu-Remediation.info - Info on accomplishing vastu remediation alone or with help
VastuRemediation.com - Dr. David Cohen Vastu Remediation site to help you help yourself
Vastu-Remediation.com - Plenty of proof: Prosperity does in fact prove to follow vastu remediation

Vastu Remediation Expert David Cohen, naturopath, teaches YOU Vastu Remediation

Q-R-A Websites - Healthiest Ways Of QRA Q-R-A Brain

Q-R-A websites, Q-R-A websites,
how can I find them, who do I trust?
Q-R-A websites,
Q-R-A websites,
Look for the bread without fancy crust.
These are Q-R-A websites, all,
assisting us in cracking one old longevity wall.
Live neater, live sweeter, with wealth, naturally,
with such Q-R-A websites, spread out like a tree.
Hundreds of Q-R-A websites, health and more,
wealth, & Q-R-A websites, like hidden doors.
Q-R-A websites is what we aim to provide,
for Q-R-A websites yield up sweet advice,
into the wealth of a longer and stronger old age,
the Q-R-A websites, offer up the adage,
that water and breathing and stretching is all,
to keep you from old age's bone-breaking fall.
Live longer, live stronger with the Q-R-A websites,
and thank me later by feeding starving people who live near you.
That can be your contract with your Q-R-A websites, fair enough?

Q-R-A Catechism of the Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A

Q-R-A skinny, up to Q-R-A fat,
can a high search engine ranking, really be all that?
Is it worth such denigration, such auto-defenestration,
to slide up so high upon that grwmcaade,
of sterner stuff are you not made?
Q-R-A this, Q-R-A that.
Q-R-A websites, help you get on track.
With thousands of Q-R-A websites, no excuses.
You have all that you need to maintain Q-R-A satisfaction.
Speak less, and do more, from these Q-R-A websites on outward.
Your best Q-R-A decisions are those that are natural, and balanced.

Embrace and allow the Winning Zen of Masters to be YOUR Winning Zen of Masters.

Wealth secrets and wealth shortcuts are used by all who sustain greater wealth.
Q-R-A, based on B-DDORT, has its roots in vastu, and strong vastu precedes wealth.
Begin now by STOPPING your practice of thinking you know more than those who do.
No one lives your life for you. No one can develop true wealth for you. It is all up to you.
Tiny repetitive steps, repeated daily, build and develop wealth with relentless consistency.
Who develops and builds wealth know better than anyone how to build and develop wealth.
To think otherwise is arrogant, foolish, or a combination of both: Those who do, know better.
That is the foundational core of the Winning Zen of Masters, pursuing ethically fine wealth.
Thus are you invited to build and develop YOUR wealth with your Winning Zen of Masters.
With 1,440 minutes - or opportunities - per day, you have more than adequate resources.

Quantum Reflex Analysis

Links For Quantum Reflex Analysis Websites   (QRA)

QVials.com - When the QCI vial is supercharged via Cohenology, it is now a lifetime QVial - Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A Prefers Self-Health Self-Help
QuantumReflexAnalysis.info - By learning more, each Quantum Reflex Analysis site presents opportunities for us to learn more about QRA
- No one can licitly claim expertise in nutritional remediation without Quantum Reflex Analysis skills to prove it

Remember that nutrition alone can rarely ever do more than put a proverbial band-aid on the challenge, awaiting resolution.
Until you mudpack your scars and traumas, you pour supplements and other nutrition into a gaping hole in need of filling.

QRA-Austin.INFO - Although QRA was "born" in Austin, Texas, QRA is spreading globally, so, a huge thank you to Austin!
QRA-Experts.INFO - Any practitioners trained by Dr. Marshall are likely to be expert QRA practitioners - We count on it
QRAPractitioners.info - From Austin, Houston or San Jose, to Denver or N.Y., find QRA practitioners most anywhere!
QRA-Practitioners.info - Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A: "The best QRA practitioners are using QRA with biofeedback!"
QRA-QRA.info - Simply a sweet opportunity to offer more info on QRA, and the web domain tests "QRA strong"
QRA-Texas.info - Homage to Texas, because, once again, Texas produced, via Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes

Cohenology.com - When you identify the top eight to twelve methods, use them all, simultaneously

Learning how to quantum reflex analysis is secondary to consulting with a trained QRA practitioner.
You are promised by the Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A that QRA is YOUR game-changer for modern health.
The ability for you, or a trained QRA practitioner, to identify weak organs, tissues, glands, or functions,
using a single-second test that has never, not once, EVER been proven to be less than unfailingly accurate,
means that you now have the means to effect the benefits of the greatest game-changer in modern health history.
Stop forming opinions on subjects you have little working knowledge or experience of, because your brain benefits.
You are literally assured of becoming more intelligent when you simply learn to suspend your opinion-making mechanism.
Do not complicate the issue, do not go to opposite extremes or make stupid statements about what this shortcut means.
Far beyond a standard shortcut, QRA is far, far, yes, far and away more accurate than a thousand M.D.'s combined.
If your doctor is not skilled in bidigital testing, then your doctor has no clue how to test food, drinks, drugs.
If your doctor does not know QRA, or at least BDORT, then your doctor does not have the best tools.
The Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A respectfully suggests you find another doctor; there are millions.
Just because the test is 'no cost' does not mean your doctor cannot earn from doing QRA.
The greater the doctor's expertise, the more justified they are in charging a fee.
The greater any doctor's QRA skill is, the faster his patients will get better.
The Winning Zen of Masters perceives that as a profit opportunity.
The Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A sees it as life-saving opportunity.
Find a QRA practitioner, in Austin, San Jose, or Brooklyn,
or, at least, learn to do BDORT yourself, naturally.
Live your own Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A.

Embrace and allow the Winning Zen of Masters to be YOUR Winning Zen of Masters.

Q-R-A shortcuts and secrets are used by all who sustain enormous wealth.
Make it your practice to stay focused on resolutions, focusing on what you most want.
No one can build wealth for you, not true wealth that lasts a lifetime. It is all up to you.
You will find that, as powerful as it is, the Winning Zen of Masters is a self-driven effort.
Repeated tiny steps, done daily, build and develop wealth with relentless consistency.
Q-R-A focus proves to inexorably lead you towards your Q-R-A resolutions.
This is one foundational core of the Winning Zen of Masters, building up wealth every day.
Thus are you invited to build and develop YOUR wealth with your Winning Zen of Masters.
With 1,440 minutes - or opportunities - per day, you have more than adequate resources.

Closing MedThoughts Of The Healthiest Ways Of QRA

The Healthiest Ways Of QRA is a never-ending invitation to learn more so you can live more.
The more you live, in a variety of meanings, the more likely you are to give more, to help.

Helping the helpless is a magnificent age-repudiation device, a prime aim of the Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A.
Whatever MedThoughts you have yourself, whatever MedThoughts you hear elsewhere, you can trust, but verify.
Until you learn to learn at your most efficient level, repeatedly study your Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A MedThoughts with care.

MedThoughts For Med Thoughts For Medical Thoughts - All To Prevent More Premature Dying And Worse.

Get more from yourself and the assets you have access to, and more so with the Winning Zen of Masters.

Every day, you are wasting up to hundreds of minutes - opportunities - you do not get back.
Remember, it takes more to chase down money stolen from you than it does to earn it back again.
Stop forming opinions. Most of them have proven to be false, based on a complete lack of experience.
Regaining just one of every ten petty chatty minutes for a minute of your best thinking gives you profit.
The only opinions you can benefit from are the opinions of those who have repeatedly done it successfully.
The Winning Zen of Masters is the ultimate in self-empowerment, with the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
These are the great shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the great shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
indubitably YOUR shortcuts to succeeding. That's why the Winning Zen of Masters is here for your life.
It is why the Healthiest Ways Of QRA aims to help you to help yourself live a longer and sweeter life.
Traumas and injuries - our interference fields - call out for mudpacks and quantum reflex analysis.

Secrets of search engine mastery, for those who make it to here. Love you all.

TAGS: In legitimate consideration of all that is covered by the Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A, some tagging is useful to separate wheat from chaff.
Search engine rules are getting tighter and tighter for relevancy in determining rankings. Thus, some tags.
Title includes, or ought to, heh, heh, Q-R-A.
That comes first, because QRA, right up there with BDORT, is first on the Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A list of tools to turn to.

As for descriptively summarizing this Q-R-A website, first the phrase: Quantum Reflex Analysis.
Healthiest Ways Of QRA. Injury, Traumas, metabolic waste, and Quantum Reflex Analysis methodology.
Further description:
Q-R-A is proving to be the medicine of the 21st century. For many, it already has, because there is nothing on the planet that you know of more useful in clinical environments, home environment, and beyond.

Learn Q-R-A, learned from creating better vastu.

Healthiest Ways Of QRA heartily embraces Q-R-A as being worth more than a thousand MD's together.

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Essence Of Quantum Reflex Analysis

No clinical tool in the world compares to Quantum Reflex Analysis, for precision, and accuracy.
There are hundreds of QRA practitioners across the country, many are expert practitioners.
Above all, the Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A and Healthiest Ways Of QRA urge you to learn.
It is impossible to learn less about anything. Learning more promotes living more.
The Healthiest Ways Of Q-R-A and Healthiest Ways Of QRA exist to serve YOU.

Total Winning With Universal Shortcuts and QRA - Winning Zen of Masters Style

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Each of these energy and success sites, part of the Winning Zen of Masters and Psychology of Longevity,
exist to help you to help yourself. You can find THOUSANDS of MisterShortcut self-help, self-health sites.

What you know will always play a distant second fiddle to what you DO with what you know. Speak less, do more.

For starters, QRA is the most accurate energy test of your lifetime, worth more than million-dollar machines.

In fact, you'll find that it's not even close: Even the bilirubin test for liver is far behind QRA testing.
Whether you consult with QRA practitioners, or get trained to be a QRA practitioner yourself,
make no mistake: QRA is the most accurate test, passes double-blind, and works every time.
Shhh. Less talking. You're so quick to form opinions, despite your lack of excellence!
If you have not participated in the one-second test, then your opinion means naught.
Only the people who have mastered something have the right to express an opinion!
No, not social opinions, scientific opinions: Those who show, obviously know.
Less talking, more doing, and learn how to do the one-second energy test.

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When you have got your health under control, or boosted nicely (or nearly so), you might wish to address success.
Using universal shortcuts is among the fastest, most powerful ways to accelerate development of your mastery.
Total winning does not occur by accident, only by intention. That's where the universal shortcuts come in.
Learn more, and you are likely to live more. Universal shortcuts DO lead to total winning, as you'll see.

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Never underestimate the power of universal shortcuts. Look the people who engage in total winning.
With nary an exception, you'll observe them to be using the same shortcuts used for CENTURIES!!
Yes, modern-day creativity, innovation and, of course, technology, augment the best shortcuts.
Still, at the core of all total winning, we see the same universal shortcuts being employed.
Make today more exciting. When we look for shortcuts that universally apply, 'Jackpot!'

No one wins by accident, not in respect of TOTAL winning, meaning a repeated habit.
When you focus your mind on less and less, removing distractions for more stringent focus,
your performance is instantly enhanced, promoting and promulgating immediately boost in yield.
You CAN break your own records, and it gets much easier when you imitate those who're doing better.
Who does it best proves they know it best... and you will that universal shortcuts are part of their approach.

Jump in to YOUR best states of mind. Total winning is yours, with universal shortcuts

The Healthiest Ways Of QRA Asserts QRA Practitioners Heroes Of This Century
The Healthiest Ways Of QRA hosts many QRA websites so that every human can learn QRA
The Healthiest Ways Of QRA avers that YOU, doing QRA at home, can save COUNTLESS MD appointments

    Each website has a slightly different coign of vantage. Millions of unique, relevant, content-rich pages for YOU.  
The Winning Zen of Masters and Healthiest Ways Of QRA share millions of pages, more than you will read throughout your lifetime
If you are trained and inclined to respect the findings and opinions of world-class masters, you will surely want to learn about QRA.
Nothing in the experience of people with astronomical IQ's can compare to the accuracy and utility, day-to-day usefulness, of QRA.
If you get nothing else from these millions of pages from the Healthiest Ways Of QRA and beyond, at least learn QRA for yourself.

QRA-Experts.info - Counting several hundred trained QRA practitioners, more QRA practitioners will be learning Dr. Cohen's QRA, with instant growth as QRA experts
qraNY.info - Practitioners of QRA in New York, NY and environs - The Healthiest Ways Of QRA way is Quantum Reflex Analysis. Learn all about QRA at www.QRANY.info
www.QRAPractitioners.com - Among all practitioners, the Psychology of Longevity knows of NO practitioners as consistently accurate as QRA practitioners. Non-invasive, accurate testing
www.QRAPractitioners.info - Whether you arrive by QRA referrals, or from this website, or other form of referral, you are urged to get your first QRA testing consultation, it WILL amaze you
www.QRA-Practitioners.com - No comparisons: QRA is the most accurate test of organs, glands, & tissue. QRA appointments with QRA practitioners - non-invasive, pain-free, more accurate
QRA-Appointment.info - With advanced technologies, QRA appointments are now available anywhere in the world. Expert QRA practitioners use Bodyscan AND QRA.
QRA-Appointments.info - New Jersey or New York, NY, Austin, Texas, or Maryland, NH, California, or even nationally, 1- 888-600-4888 for your QRA Appointment
QRA-Appointments.com - 718-627-7272 For QRA Appointments In Brooklyn, Manhattan, NY, New Jersey, NJ, and across the nation, the best QRA appointments

www.MrShortcut.US/qra-quantum-reflex-analysis.html - From the Healthiest Ways Of QRA, an opinion: Top doctors are those doctors trained as QRA practitioners
www.Mister-Shortcut.US/qra-quantum-reflex-analysis.html - If QRA is to change the world forever, the Healthiest Ways Of QRA promulgates QRA around the world

QRAAppointment.info - New York   New Jersey, Austin, Texas, Georgia - QRA appointments - 1-888-600-4888 - QRA appointments suggested by the Healthiest Ways Of QRA.
QRATesting.net - Of all the tests you take in your life, it is likely that QRA Testing is more important than any other, because QRA is the single most accurate of tests

Online or offline, the Psychology of Longevity URGES you to learn how to perform reflex analysis on your loved ones, food, etc
You can also learn how to do QRA remotely, with exquisite accuracy, with QRA training and a QVial of supercharged minera ls
- From your first QRA testing, QRA practitioners give double the satisfaction and double the satisfaction.

Make use of the best of all self-health techniques: KEEP IT NATURAL!

Stop pretending to know more than you do. Only when you prove it can we know it.

QRA training gives you deliciously greater control over your own longevity

So, why does the Healthiest Ways Of QRA give such inordinate respect to expert Q-R-A practitioners?
Of all the Healthiest Ways Of QRA subjects you may choose to purview, always prioritize Q-R-A.
There is nothing like it for instantly testing weakness and strength, in yourself, and far more.
Whether you join the ranks of America's premier expert Q-R-A practitioners, Level III, etc.,
(you should know that not all expert Q-R-A practitioners are Texas-trained, learning solo),
or just simply learn to use the one-second bigidital test brilliantly taught by Dr. Omura,
be sure you understand that Q-R-A is among the five most powerful tools of your life.
The Healthiest Ways Of QRA urges you to try at least one expert Q-R-A practitioner.
Your life will never be the same, with benefits that will delight and please you.
This is not about the Q-R-A practitioners, however expert each may prove to be.
The Healthiest Ways Of QRA urges you past consults with Q-R-A practitioners,
by learning to be at least a home-spun version of expert Q-R-A practitioners.

This health index for the Healthiest Ways Of QRA, and Shapetalk, EyeCandy, etc.,
and all the thousands of MisterShortcut health and wealth websites and shortcuts,
is brought to you by the Healthiest Ways Of QRA and the Winning Zen of Masters